SUP ATX Paddleboard | Maverick Sportsman

The SUP ATX Maverick Sportsman is equipped with a displacement hull for superior glide and additional volume to accommodate up to 400 lbs. on deck. These attributes combine to make the Maverick Sportsman the most versatile board in the SUP ATX lineup and the best fishing paddle board on the market. Featuring foredeck tie-downs and a patented LIFTSUP handle.

Model: Maverick Sportsman
Length: 12’6″
Color: Available in White, Red, or Blue
Price: As low as $1,185.00


Length: 12’6″
Board Width: 32 inches
Board Thickness: 5.25 inches
Volume: 265.50 liters
Board Weight: 33 lbs.
Construction: Molded EPS Technology
Glassing: US Resin Research Epoxy | US Hexcel Fiberglass |Top-3x6oz –Bottom-2x6oz
Deck Traction: EVA memory foam
Fin Setup: Single 10″ Removable Fin
Other Features: Leash Loop,LIFTSUP Carry Handle, Foredeck tie-down anchor points