Our favorite offering! Whatever your SUP level, we have a team for you!    Our Summer Session is 12 weeks starting around Memorial Day Weekend.

This series has been designed for any level paddler to systematically improve skills with regular practice in a group setting.   Our focus is on technique, alignment, power, tracking, endurance, strength, stability, mobility and timing.  You will learn A LOT and have FUN doing it!

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a great workout and a fun way to stay active in the summer.  It is a perfect cross training sport that specifically engages the core muscle groups and is low impact.

SUP FIT Team provides a fun way to meet, encourage and become good friends with other athletes. You will meet fellow paddlers that share your passion for being active on the water!

Location:  Square Lake County Park (meet at trailer) & St. Croix River (TBD)

*For cooler water temps and days. we suggest neoprene booties to keep feet warm and possibly neoprene pants and jacket for body.  We dress in layers and although there is always the possibility of falling in, we do not attempt skills that are likely to put us off balance during these sessions.  We tend toward more endurance paddles with focus on paddle skills.


Starts May 28, 2024 and runs 12 weeks until August 17 w/ make up dates!

SFT Elite River Mon 6pm (2 hours)- For returning SUP Fit Team Members who enjoy a longer and more challenging endurance paddle.

SFT Mixed Level Tue 4pm & Sat 7:30am (75minutes) – For new and returning students.  Emphasize is on SUP race skills that improve overall performance with some attention on footwork, turns and skills to prep for other SUP disciplines.

SFT Returning Students Tue 5:30pm & Sat 10:30am (75 minutes) – For returning students to start where they left off with minimal review and focus on new skills.

Registration will open at the end of April!

Wellness Guidelines:   If you are feeling sick, stay home and let your body rest and recoup! We can continue to have fun and enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner if everyone can respect each other’s safety and our guidelines.  Thank you!  







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